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HAWL Expert is our new subscription that gives HAWL Farmers exclusive and unlimited access to our entire library of HAWL content, and also access to our free HAWL Vet Helpline.

Every lecture is designed to refresh your skills, or advance your knowledge and understanding in a specific area of farm homeopathy.

So what is included in HAWL Expert?

- Unlimited access to our entire HAWL Library
Over 80 lectures and talks

Refresh your existing skills
Learn new skills and remedies


- Exclusive to HAWL Farmer only
Talks by HAWL vets and homeopaths
See sample tracks below
£25 for a full year's access

Membership is exclusive to HAWL Farmers.
For details on how to sign up, please check for an email from us, or see FAQs below.
A full list of tracks and their content is also available below.

If you are not yet a HAWL Farmer, you can now complete the Foundation Course
via our live online or in person courses, and then be eligible to HAWL Membership. 


- Exclusive access to the free HAWL Vet Helpline, run by a Homeopathic Vet.

Audio Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is HAWL Expert?
A. HAWL Expert is our membership area, which gives HAWL Farmer members unlimited access to all past, present, and future HAWL material. The initial recordings are all audio, but we will be adding webinars and video lectures as we record them. It also gives access to the HAWL Vet Helpline which is free of charge.

What exactly do I get access to? 
A. You can view a detailed list of all the tracks at these two links:
HAWL Revisit and HAWL Extend.

How do I become a member?
A. HAWL Expert is exclusive to HAWL Farmers who have studied the HAWL Foundation Course. This is to ensure that we maintain the safe and responsible use of homeopathy on the farm. If you are a HAWL Farmer, you will find sign-up details in our email newsletter, or you can email us at with your full name, and if you can remember, your course number or approximate course date!

Q. How will I be charged?
A. £25 gives you a full year's access to the library. You will be charged annually, at the same rate as your initial purchase, until such time that you cancel your membership.
Q. Can I cancel at any time?
A. Yes, you can cancel at any time, via the website. However, part years cannot be refunded.
Q. I am not from the UK. Can I pay in my own currency?
A. Yes, you can pay in your own currency at the checkout, using card payment or PayPal.

Friendly HAWL disclaimer: We want to let you know two things: (1) Some of the content revisits lectures you will already have received on your original course or Lego Days. We have added this intentionally, to allow you to go back over what you learned, in addition to the many in-depth topics and lectures to further your skills and expertise. (2) The lecturers voices are crystal clear, however some of the audience comments are not so easy to hear. We can reassure you of the outstanding and irreplaceable knowledge and wisdom that these lectures provide, from experts within their field of farm animal homeopathy.

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