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The HAWL Farm Homeopathy Foundation Course is designed for farmers and small holders who want to learn the responsible use of homeopathy on the farm.

Reduced antibiotics, vet bills and stock loss

Overall improved farm health and animal welfare

Cleaner food chain, supporting organic forming

Taught by vets, homeopaths and farmers

Ongoing support from the HAWL Farmer community

Includes comprehensive HAWL manual

About the course

The HAWL Foundation Course is extremely comprehensive, covering all aspects of the safe, effective and responsible use of homeopathy on the farm, including, very importantly, when to use homeopathy, and when to call the vet.


We take the prescribing process and standard of teaching very seriously, which ensures you get the best quality of homeopathic tuition. See feedback and success stories from HAWL Farmers on our homepage. 

Course content

The course covers everything you need to know to in order to use homeopathy safely and responsibly. It includes homeopathic observation of your animals, how to translate this information into useful symptoms, how to work out which remedies to give in any given situation, and how to differentiate all of the individual remedies.


Both courses - online and attendance - are taught live, and cover the exact same syllabus. We use real case studies to demonstrate why each and every scenario will require its own, individualised treatment. 

Course requirements

In order to complete the course, you will need to:

  • Be able to attend all of the live teaching sessions

  • Complete the homework exercises, reading and audio tracks (see below*)

  • While the course is very detailed, no prior knowledge of homeopathy is necessary, although many students have used some homeopathy before attending the course.

​*The homework is not difficult, but it is required for your learning. Realistically you will need to put aside around 2 hours per week for the online course, or 4 hours per month for the attendance course. Much of this is listening to the audio tracks. The HAWL manual is unique, and is included in the cost of both the online and attendance course. (There is a postage fee to send outside of the UK.)

Technical requirements for online course

Just like the attendance course, the online course is delivered live and is fully interactive. Therefore, for the online course, you will need the following:

  • A strong, reliable internet connection​

  • An up-to-date computer or device that can run Google Meet online meetings

  • A free Google Meet login - you do not need a Google mail or Gmail address for this

  • A level of technical ability to sign into the online sessions, and access the links that we send

  • A quiet space where you can fully interact in the sessions, with your video and microphone working


We are blessed to be able to provide occasional bursaries to farmers who would really benefit from the funding. If you would like to apply for a bursary to help fund the course, please fill in the course enquiry form above, and also email us at to tell us a little bit more about your requirement for funding. 


If you cannot make any of the courses above, and would like to be put on our waiting list for future courses, please fill in our course enquiry form below (it is the same form for all courses), and we will let you know as soon as we confirm the next dates for attendance and online courses. 

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