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Our Story

HAWL began in 2001 when a group of homeopaths, homeopathic vets, agriculturalists and teachers got together to improve the support offered to farmers who want to reduce their antibiotic usage and find additional ways of improving farm animal health.  HAWL courses are designed to help the farmer use homeopathy as an additional tool within the farm management strategy.


HAWL began in 2001 when a group of homeopaths, homeopathic vets, agriculturalists and teachers got together to improve the support offered to farmers who want to reduce their antibiotic usage and find additional ways of improving farm animal health.


Our Founder and CEO, Chris Lees, went back to study agriculture at the age of 60 at the Royal Agricultural College following the death of her husband.  For her dissertation she decided to combine her loves of agriculture and homeopathy and she realised that whilst farmers wanted to use homeopathy on their farms they did not know how to, or were using it with little knowledge and therefore not getting any results.  Using her teaching background, and with the help of  to strength teaching farmers and smallholders the responsible use of homeopathy, empowering farmers to add homeopathy to their whole farm health and management plans.

Jayne Lyons RSHom started with HAWL in 2021 as the Secretary and Chris is gently handing over the CEO responsibilities to her.  Jayne is a Registered Homeopath and has a ‘human’ practice in mid Wales, and says of HAWL:

“I feel so privileged to be a part of Homoeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL), teaching farmers and smallholders how to use homeopathy on their farm animals, pets, rescue animals….the list goes on! It is so very rewarding knowing that we empower farmers and smallholders with the knowledge of the homeopathic remedies they can use to help their farm animals with disease and illness, and feedback has been that general health of animals improve and their susceptibility to illness and disease in the first instance reduces.  We have even had dairy farmers report back that their yields have increased after using homeopathy.  Homeopathy is my passion, not only for humans but animals as well whether that be cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, horses, dogs, cats….the list is endless. And of course the farmers benefit as using homeopathy on their farms can also reduce antibiotic use and vet bills!”

The course has developed over the years and an online course was launched in 2022 which has meant that we can now reach farmers, smallholders and other animal owners (including animal rescue centres) worldwide. We have had farmers and animal answers from all over the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, America, Canada, India, Australia etc.  We stay in touch with all our students offering refresher courses, webinars and additional learning material to support farmers continuous development.  Our newsletters and special events such as an annual ‘gathering’ keep our students up to date and bring our HAWL Farmers (as we call all those who have taken our course) together; meeting old friends, meeting new ones and a chance to talk with our teachers in person.  We also have support groups (for dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, location specific such as the South West, Ireland, America etc) and a free homeopathic vet helpline for our Members for additional advice and support even after they have completed our courses.

We have also published several books, all with the farmer and smallholder in mind, which helps with using homeopathy on farm animals, pets and rescue animals. There are audio files to listen to and we have liaised with, and visited, other farms and homeopaths all over the world, collected research papers, articles and snippets of information about farm homeopathy which help improve understanding about this little-researched and under-recorded subject.

Here at HAWL, we are the only organisation teaching farmers and all animal owners how to use homeopathy on their animals on an in-person course and live teaching for our online course.  We have taught over 750 farmers and smallholders and our HAWL Family is constantly growing.  As a not-for-profit organisation, we are able to keep our courses as affordable as possible through grants and legacies and by putting all of our profits back into reducing the course fees. 


The founder, Chris Lees, has degrees in Agriculture and education and is an Honorary Fellow of the Society of Homoeopaths.   All teachers are Registered Homeopaths and Homeopathic Vets all with farm experience and as such through their own CPD they stay abreast of the latest news in agriculture and homeopathy. If you want to find a Homeopath or Homeopathic Vet near you then please take a look at our Find A Homeopath or Find a Homeopathic Vet Near Me pages.

By staying abreast of farming issues we can tailor our extra teaching topics to address issues on the farm and we also welcome any suggestions for topics that our HAWL Farmers want us to cover.

Meet The Team

What do we believe in

Here at HAWL we teach that homeopathy does not replace the vet, or veterinary prescribed medication….there will always be times when they will be required of course.  Rather we teach how you can use homeopathy very effectively with farm animals, cats, dogs, rescue animals etc and you can then use this knowledge to decide if you will call the vet.


We do not prescribe homeopathy for your animals outright (we leave that to our homeopathic vets), rather we EMPOWER YOU with the knowledge (with support from us of course) to observe your animal(s), ‘take their case’ and decide on a homeopathic remedy that is indicated.

Animal homeopathy in 2024

We are finding that more farmers, smallholders, animal rescue centres and pet owners are getting in touch with us wanting to know how they can use homeopathy on their cows (dairy, beef etc), sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats etc. With vet bills increasing, and the use of antibiotics in the news a lot recently everyone is becoming more aware of the medication and health management systems they have in place.  Using homeopathy can not only help animals with their injuries, disease and illness but feedback from our students has been that their animals can also be less susceptible to disease and illness in the first instance, can become higher yielders, and of course their antibiotic use can reduce – which also means less antibiotics going into the food chain!


Although HAWL is primarily designed for farmers and smallholders, it does not matter what the animal is: cow, sheep, pig, goat, poultry, horse, dog, cat, hamster…..the theory and homeopathic remedies are the same depending on the actual symptoms of the animal….this is something we teach you on the course, the ‘what’ to look for and then how to translate that into a treatment plan for your animals.

Does animal homoeopathy work?

We strongly believe in using homoeopathic remedies for livestock and pets. The feedback we have received from our farmers, smallholders, rescue animal centres and pet owners who have taken our courses and used homeopathy on their animals has been wonderful.  They have told us they have been able to reduce their vet bills, reduce antibiotic use and their animals are generally healthier and less susceptible to disease in the first instance.


Our courses, and additional material such as audio files, videos, webinars etc after you have taken our course, will enable you as a farmer, smallholder or pet owner to understand why homeopathy is such a great tool to have in your farm management ‘toolkit’ and as a part of your management plan, how to observe the illness/disease or injury in your animals and how to then translate that into deciding which of the homeopathic remedies to give.  Our booklets, designed to be easy to use and referred to by farmers will help you with your decisions.


We strongly encourage feedback and all cases we use during our courses, and those on this website are about real animals that our HAWL Farmers have sent to us. Confidence in using homeopathy on the farm and in your own home will grow during the course and importantly once you begin to use homeopathy after the course, with continued support from us at HAWL. So many of our students have come to us through word of mouth and once you experience homeopathy with your livestock, rescue animals, pets etc then you will want to shout about it too!!


Our unique homeopathy course is delivered by classroom teaching and our online course is taught live by Registered homeopaths and homeopathic vets…providing an interactive and thoroughly immersive learning experience with lots of opportunity to discuss your own animals, interact with other students on the course in smaller ‘break out’ groups and the courses are interspersed with games and activities (both the classroom based course and the online course).  We limit our courses to 12 students which means that there really is the interaction between students and teachers that makes learning about how to use homeopathy on animals such a great experience.

 How does HAWL actively promote the uptake of animal homoeopathy?

Through our courses, support groups and social media we hope to promote and provide education on how to use homeopathic remedies for animals; all types of farm animals including working dogs, pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters etc.


We provide updates on what HAWL has planned and news about homeopathy for farm animals in our newsletters, and seek to attend as many agricultural shows as possible to help spread the word on how homeopathy can be successfully used on the farm with farm animals. To help us please do feel free to sign up to our newsletters, visit and like our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages and importantly keep an eye on our Webinars page for webinars we are planning to hold in the future – all taught by our homeopaths and homeopathic vets.


And of course, share our courses with your friends and neighbours!

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