HAWL has published four, spiral bound, reference guides in its 'HAWL to do it' series.

Each book is written specially for farmers, by our own HAWL vets and farming homeopaths, to help you select the best remedy and improve your knowledge and success on the farm.

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Simple Repertory HAWL Homeopathy Wellie

Farm Repertory

A durable, hard covered, spiral bound copy of the HAWL repertory designed to last the test of time on the farm. Using farm specific rubrics.

Written by the late homeopathic HAWL vet, Trevor Adams.



Simple Farm Materia Medica Homeopathy We

Farm Materia Medica

A materia medica of the most commonly used remedies in farm homeopathy, with text and images to help you select the best remedy. Compiled and edited by HAWL Founder and homeopath, Chris Lees.


Book Mastitis Jenny Grist Homeopathy Wel

Homeopathy for Mastitis

A useful repertory and materia medica specific to helping solve mastitis cases in farm animals, and specifically the dairy herd, written by Devon based homeopath, farmer and HAWL lecturer, Jenny Grist.


HAWL Book Sheep Homeopathy Wellie Level_

Homeopathy for Sheep

A quick and useful reference guide for using homeopathy on the sheep farm, covering the main problems faced.

Written by HAWL homeopathic vets Trevor Adams, Chris Aukland and Geoff Johnson.