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£349 *Free UK postage

Online Training Course

Online Training Course - next course starting on 5th June 2024

The Homoeopathy at Wellie Level online course is designed to empower farmers, smallholders, and other animal owners by teaching them the responsible use of homeopathy for their animals.  Feedback from previous students has been that they have seen reduced vet bills and reduced antibiotic use, and their animals are generally healthier, can be more productive and less susceptible to disease in the first instance. This online course delivers the same content as the in-person course but is specifically tailored to be held online.


* Free UK postage. Note a fee of £20 for postage within the EU and £30 for all other countries. 


** PayPal will add 3% onto your payment. Please email to bay by bank transfer to avoid these fees

Course Details

The live and interactive online course consists of seven weekly sessions lasting 4 hours (11 am - 3 pm UK local time).


Each session is delivered and led by a live tutor (Registered Homeopath and Registered Homeopathic Vets) who will be teaching and guiding you throughout. 


The courses are limited to 12 students per course so that students can get the most out of the teaching and group discussions. 


There is support outside of the teaching hours, and ‘homeworks’ that help to consolidate what has previously been taught.  The course is developmental with each session building upon previous sessions, and is delivered by presentations, interactive group discussions, smaller group exercises in ‘breakout rooms’ and also games and quizzes. 


Each session is taught by a different teacher who are all Registered Homeopaths or Registered Homeopathic Vets and so a broad depth of knowledge and teaching styles are used to enhance the course experience.


* PayPal will add 3% onto your payment. Please email to bay by bank transfer to avoid these fees

Example of Topics covered:

An example of the topics covered are: 

Session 1: Introduction to homeopathy, observation and what is important to the homeopath, how remedies are made, how to administer remedies, where to buy remedies.

Session 2: The Principles of Homeopathy, our 'Big 6' Remedies in detail.  Remedies which may be useful in normal every day farm situations.

Session 3: The animal's year and creating your own healthplan, using the Big 6 remedies, to help animals at particular points within the year, avoiding the problems, revising the Principles and thinking about remedy selection.

Session 4: Acute cases and case studies: observation, how to take and manage a case, using the Repertory and Materia Medica (homoeopathic reference materials supplied). 

Session 5: More acute cases and case studies, using repertory sheets. More remedy pictures.

Session 6: Chronic cases and case studies, chronic illness, introduction to more remedies. 

Session 7: More chronic cases and case studies.

The cost of all the material you need, including the fully comprehensive bespoke HAWL Manual, Farm Repertory and Materia Media is included in the course cost.  Postage is extra depending on where you are.  

Pastoral Scene

Up to 40% Off

If you are from Ireland then the National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) offer subsidiaries for this course

Next course dates for 2024: starting on 5th June 2024

Session 1: 5th June

Session 2: 12th June

Session 3: 19th June

Session 4: 26th June

Session 5: 3rd July

Session 6: 10th July

Session 7: 17th July

Please send me more information and dates for future courses

Get in touch so we can answer any of your questions and share with you our next course dates.

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