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Homeopathy At Wellie Level is a non-profit organisation run by veterinary surgeons and homeopaths, which teaches the responsible use of homeopathy to farmers and small-holders to allow them to:

  • Reduce antibiotic use on the farm

  • Improve the overall health of their farm

  • Reduce their veterinary bills

  • Help clean up the food chain

  • Treat their animal quickly and efficiently

  • Help enable organic certification

"The course exceeded my expectations and more. When I received the HAWL folder in the post I realised that the course content would provide me with a huge stepping stone into the world of Homeopathy at farm level. The online course was exceptionally well planned and presented. The break out groups gave us contact with other attendees and the classroom information and material were excellent. "

Charlotte, HAWL Farmer, France

"We had a cow with a large haematoma that was growing and growing. The vet felt it was untreatable and thought she would need to be put down within a matter of days..."

Nicola and her husband's family are cow and sheep farmers in Devon. Watch this short video to find out what happened to the cow, and how else they use homeopathy on the their farm, since attending the HAWL course..

Lynnie Hustchison, Sheep Farmer

“Since the course we’ve used homeopathy more and more with the sheep and on ourselves the increased confidence and understanding has enabled us to deal with familiar problems in the flock such as orf and foot rot quickly, cheaply and confidently and these are now very rarely seen in the stock. Lambing is the time when we use homeopathy the most frequently and to good effect”

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