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Ways you can support Homeopathy at Wellie Level

Donor Support

Become a vet or homeopath mentor

Donor Support

Homoeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) is a 'tiny not-for-profit making a huge difference.'

Our aim is to provide unbiased and qualified training and support to farmers who wish to learn and use homeopathy on their farm. We survive due to the goodwill and dedication of our volunteers and supporters; the generosity of benefactors, such as HRH the Prince of Wales; and the homeopathic pharmacies Ainsworths, Freemans, Helios and Crossgates Bioenergetics, who kindly sponsor some of our course material.

Why support us?

Farmers who use a homeopathic approach report that they use fewer antibiotics and drugs, which means a cleaner, safer food chain of meat and dairy products. As the only live-taught online and attendance course in farming homeopathy, we play a substantial part in this effort.

Our course fees cover the cost of paying for our vets and homeopaths to deliver the live training, but do not cover the cost of:

  • Keeping the cost of the course as affordable as possible, to all farmers

  • Offering bursaries to make the course accessible to all farmers regardless of income

  • Producing course material, and developing film and online material for the ongoing and future benefit of homeopathy on the farm

  • Funding our research to help generate more support towards homeopathy

  • Running the website and other non-profit business overheads

  • Advertising the course and promoting the benefits of homeopathy on the farm

  • Running webinars to provide continuation training and support to our farmers

  • Sending newsletters to keep our members up to date with the latest in prescribing

  • Updating courses to keep up with the latest developments in homeopathic research.

  • Future proofing the running of HAWL as founder Chris Lees looks to pass the reigns on to the next generation.

Therefore, any support - regular or one-off, is always ploughed straight back into our core driving purpose - homeopathy in farming. Why?

  • For the welfare of the animals

  • The quality and safety of the food chain

  • The financial saving that is gives back to the farming community

What it all costs

  • £500 sponsors one farmer to attend the course. Many successful farmers do not make a profit, relying on government schemes to subsidise their running and living costs. This course can make a big difference to vet bills, and therefore affordability and autonomy, as well as the quality and therefore market value of the food that they produce.

  • £250 pays for half a day's training (excluding venue and overheads), enabling us to afford the very best in veterinary and homeopathic lecturers.

  • Every penny donated helps towards these costs, as well as the overall annual running costs of our 'tiny non-profit that is making a huge difference!'

How it helps our farmers:

HAWL exists to support farmers who care passionately about animal welfare and the environment, and who want to learn an holistic and sustainable approach to animal health. Many of these are tenant or small family farmers who struggle to keep afloat, and the course would significantly help them to reduce vet bills, and increase the quality of their produce.

Help fund our research:

Antibiotic resistance is already having a critical impact on human health. Currently, in the UK 45% of all antibiotics are used for farm animals. This contributes hugely towards resistance in people as residues go into the food we eat, the water we drink and back onto the land on which our food is grown and raised. Farmers who use a homeopathic approach tell us that they see their animals’ health increase, and their antibiotic usage decrease. We gather and analyse data from a number of farms to examine their records pre and post their HAWL course, with a view to providing evidence that a homeopathic approach can create a healthier farm and environment for all.

Ways to give

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about ways in which you can support us, as a beneficiary, a sponsor, or by adding a gift in your will.

Your support will help to ensure the future of homeopathy in farming, improved animal welfare, and a cleaner food chain for our future generations.

  • You can donate securely via paypal or card payment by clicking here

  • You can become a HAWL Member - unlimited access to our audio library for £25

  • You can add a gift in your will

  • Or get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss becoming a sponsor or beneficiary

Homeopathy at Wellie Level is a UK-registered non-profit organisation. Our Non-profit Registration Number is 07034869.

Become a mentor

For homeopathic vets and qualified homeopaths: Our teachers develop our farmers’ homeopathy skills and support their learning. Demand for our courses is growing, as is post-course support. We are always happy to hear from homeopaths and homeopathic vets who want to join us.

Please note that by law, only a vet or the farmer themselves can prescribe homeopathy for their animals. Therefore, our teachers do not prescribe. They coach farmers to develop their skills and become proficient prescribers themselves.

Below: Homeopathic Vet Chris Aukland delivers a lecture on the HAWL Foundation Course


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