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Antibiotics. Are you concerned? What do HAWL farmers say?

Concerned about antibiotics?

74% of farmers who take the HAWL course give ‘concerns about antibiotic usage’ to be their number one reason for wanting to use homeopathy*

*Taken from our course application forms of 427 students as at October 2015

Comments from farmers since taking course:

‘Already less antibiotics used; able to nip things in the bud before they develop into a bigger problem.’

‘We have hardly used antibiotics this year and I would say the herd has never been healthier.’

‘Our vet and med bill has halved per livestock unit. We are now selling, not culling’

‘We have hardly used antibiotics this year and I would say the herd has never been healthier.’ Dairy Farmer, Devon

'Our experience so far with our organic suckler herd has been quite amazing. The course was a revelation.’ John Hill, Beef Farmer

‘I have had ewes with black bag or really bad udders and I have saved the ewe. I have seen things work where you just wouldn’t imagine you can do anything.’ Lynnie Hutchison, Sheep Farmer

‘It was certainly ”wellie level” – very down to earth and practical. I was amazed at the results as were the sceptics on the course’

‘There’s a lot more to homeopathy than I realised. Very pleased with the results on the farm so far.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learned a lot. Given me faith in homeopathy coming from a slightly cynical start point.’

‘Fantastic course. Feel completely blown away by the potential of homeopathy.’

'The course was far more in-depth then I thought, we covered things I didn’t think we would and the manual itself was and is a massive amount of information.' Louise, Ireland

'I learned how to look at our farm management and animals differently and this will help me choose remedies to keep up the health of the animals up and vet bills down. Lisa, Ireland.

'I have already used homeopathy for acute cases of mastitis, a prolapse uterus, and pink eye. The cases of pink eye are in our heifers. We get it every year. I know now that the transition to pasture is to stressful on them. They change location, feed and are handled in a different way all in the same day and it shows by cases of pink eye springing up. This year we started grazing them in April on a fall seeded rye that would be tilled down and reseeded to hay in May. Well, May 25 came and low and behold a bunch of them have running eyes and they are very excitable. I put Aconite in my spray bottle and got as many as I could get close enough to. I also dosed their water trough. The next day I could tell the eyes that were watering had slowed down, I dosed them again. Day 3 the heifers that had watering eyes had stopped and they were all much calmer. However, there are still many cases of full blown pink eye. Swollen shut, pain full lids, weeping, Some have white spots on the cornea. I switched to Euphrasia in my spray bottle and I have seen improvements. I then ordered Arg-n from the pharmacy because it matched many symptoms. Going forward, I plan to use Aconite during their move to pasture to keep the stress out of it.' Newly graduated HAWL farmer Laura, USA.


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