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Waitrose milk supplier share his success with using homeopathy

Homeopathy as part of the whole picture

At the time of writing in our “This is Farm Homeopathy” newspaper, Richard Brown was the dairy manager supplying milk to Waitrose from 155 Ayreshires.

When we first started using it at my previous farm I hadn’t really poo-pooed it, but it was always an unknown and that was when I saw the most dramatic effects.”

Richard told us, “I think with conventional medicines you can overcome bad management, keeping animals drugged up in a bad environment whereas with homeopathy I don’t think it would work, it all goes hand in hand, the good management, the attention to detail and the homeopathy it’s a whole package.

"With conventional medicines you can overcome bad management, keeping animals drugged up in a bad environment. Homeopathy is part of the whole package."

The aim is to keep them healthy, our cell counts are below 100. You’ve got an animal which is not quite right, you wouldn’t want to treat it conventionally, but you can give it a remedy and perhaps perk it up and you haven’t had to use any drugs.

You never really know if it would have got better anyway but you like to think that what you have done has made it feel better, it’s part of the satisfaction of the job, it’s good to feel you can do something. Basically these are my cows, you’ve got your pride, you make that extra effort. It’s about knowing they are happy, it’s nice to feel I can do something without calling out the vet.

Without homeopathy you would have to wait for it to be more obviously ill or you would have to give it antibiotics or what ever was necessary. That’s not satisfying, I always feel slightly miffed if I have had to treat an animal with an antibiotic, something has gone wrong and it’s annoying, you almost have to give in. In a way you feel you haven’t done your job properly if you have to give drugs.

With a dairy herd it’s getting everything right, homeopathy plays a part, you would not want to do without it, it’s in the background.”


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