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A few words from HAWL founder, Chris Lees BSc Ag RHom

A warm welcome to Homeopathy at Wellie Level

Our name, inspired by comedian Billy Connelly’s conviction that taking a subject seriously does not prevent it from being fun, was chosen to make the topic less forbidding (our subtext, ‘teaching the responsible use of homeopathy on the farm’ is rather formal), but it was not until we ran a course in Newcastle Emlyn that we realised ‘hawl‘ is a genuine Welsh word, meaning an entitlement, or ‘right’ to allow participation.

To me, this sums up why we started the course back in 2001; to use homeopathy effectively you really do need to know something about it and maybe, without a basic understanding, you have no ‘right’ to use it! In retrospect I have no idea how we got HAWL off the ground, with no advertising, no financial backing, and no products to sell other than our own knowledge and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, get it off the ground we did, and almost two decades later we are more in demand than ever.

HAWL is not run for profit and has no employees

Much of HAWL’s work has been, and still is voluntary, often by the teachers, all of them self-employed homeopaths or homeopathic vets with farm experience.

Since we began we have run refresher courses, given workshops, written several books, created teaching manuals and audio files, and begun to offer on-farm support to our ‘graduates’ once they are back on their own farms. We have liaised with, and visited, other farm homeopaths all over the world, and collected research papers, articles and snippets of information about farm homeopathy to help improve understanding about this little-researched and under-recorded subject.

This website has been designed not only to offer information about our courses but also as a general information centre for anyone who wants to know more about ‘Agricultural Homeopathy’, ie homeopathy used on cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and even llamas and alpacas etc, by farmers or stockpersons. Whether you are a farmer, a researcher, a homeopath or someone just interested in finding out more about homeopathy for farm animals, I do hope you do find it useful.

Please feel free to contact us at HAWL if you need any more information by emailing us at

Chris Lees BSc (Hons) Ag., Dip Ed., LSCH. RHom.


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