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"Because it works..." An anecdote? How many anecdotes adds up to evidence?

We asked HAWL founder, Christine Lees, her views on the subject of anecdotes. Referring to almost 20 years of feedback surveys from HAWL course attendees Chris put forward these notes.

It appears that these same anecdotes are repeated up and down the country. Our Farm Homeopathy newspaper (below) includes information from nearly 50 farmers/users, conventional and organic, on big estates and small family farms and the same themes appear over and over again.

HAWL Newspaper - testimonials and success stories from 50 HAWL Farmers
Download • 2.01MB

These farmers' 'anecdotes' are repeated every time and can be summed up as:

They use homeopathy to:

  • prevent and treat problems;

  • save time (in attending to sick animals or difficult births), money and lives;

  • avoid contamination, resistances and loss of production;

They have found it helps them

  • improve their general management (in looking behind the superficial symptoms to the underlying causes);

  • adhere to their own philosophy of farming and safeguard the integrity of what they offer to consumers;

  • do something for their animals themselves, often when there is no conventional answer.

It gives them

  • satisfaction

  • “a buzz”

  • autonomy

They have

  • fewer problems,

  • lose fewer animals

  • see healthier stock

HAWL Farmers measure their success in terms of problem-free production and sales. Their income depends on having healthy animals, so, as for any farmer, success can be measured in terms of productivity, cash flow and profit, but essentially they use it …… “because it works”.

But essentially they use it …… “because it works”.

Please note that homeopathy does not replace the job of the vet, nor of good farm management. The most successful use of homeopathy can be seen as part of the whole picture - combined with excellent farm management, a clear understanding of when to treat the animal and when to call for help, and a supportive vet. The HAWL Course, taught by qualified vets and registered homeopaths, teaches this whole picture philosophy, and the results above, are evident of its success.


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