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Homeopathy At Wellie Level is a non-profit organisation run by veterinary surgeons and homeopaths, who teach the responsible use of farm homeopathy. Our farmers tells us that it helps them in the following ways:

  • Reduce antibiotic use on the farm

  • Improve overall farm health and welfare

  • Reduce animal stress

  • Reduce their veterinary bills

  • Help clean up the food chain

  • Treat their animals quickly and efficiently

  • Improve the quality of their produce

  • Help towards organic certification

BESPOKE American and Canadian Course - NEW FOR 2024!!!!

Starting on 17th April 2024

“The course was excellent, inspiring, informative, thought provoking and challenging. The way the course is set up is brilliant.  Different tutors for every section was great because it kept everything interesting and fresh. Thanks to all the tutors for their time and enthusiasm you could tell they really enjoy homeopathy.  The course was very good value for money, what with the CDs, folders, notes and tuition.  It has given me the confidence to use homeopathy as a first choice for prevention and cure. This works out cheaper in terms of treatment.  The results we have already got from using remedies have been beyond my hopes. I thoroughly recommend this course to all farmers interested in: reducing antibiotic use, improving health outcomes, having more treatment options, saving money or simply seeing things more holistically.  We have now got lots more remedies and  have only used 4 antibiotic tubes since the course and no injectables! Some wonderful successes. I am keeping records and am using around 15 remedies a day across 175 animals”.  He tells me he is now contemplating conversion to Organic. 

HAWL Farmer, Bideford

"We had a cow with a large haematoma that was growing and growing. The vet felt it was untreatable and thought she would need to be put down within a matter of days..."

Nicola and her husband's family are cow and sheep farmers in Devon. Watch this short video to find out what happened to the cow, and how else they use homeopathy on the their farm, since attending the HAWL course.

John Newman with Calf using Homeopathy.j
John Newman, Farm Manager

“It’s being able to do something early and not just sit there and wait. I have saved the hassle of a sick animal, saved the cost, done something myself. It's easy to administer, spraying a nose, putting something in the water, it's not difficult. Before we took the course there was that big gulf, between you sitting there and looking at a problem and then the vet came and said “oh it’s this give it that and it will be fine. Now there is a step in between”.


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