Homeopathy rescues a bad case of mastitis

Below is a case study of a mastitis case from a HAWL farmer, followed by evidence and research into the treatment of mastitis with homeopathy. You can also buy our HAWL guide on treating mastitis with homeopathy, from Serpentina Books.

Homeopathy rescues a bad case of mastitis

Lydia, an organic dairy cow, was due to deliver her calf in January but a chronic case of mastitis was proving incurable with antibiotics. Her conventional vet had treated her quickly and the organic farm followed their usual strict protocols in order to get the swiftest response from Lydia, but repeated doses of antibiotics and good animal husbandry made no difference.

Fortunately, Homeopathy At Wellie Level (HAWL) were running a course at the farm and so the Farm Manager asked the HAWL vet to take a look and use Lydia as a teaching example. The homeopath vet took a look on 9th November and warned the Farm Manager.

“The case is very chronic and the udder badly damaged. I fear she will not come into milk at all in any quarters. However, with the wonders of homeopathy….!! She is not in pain and is in good condition so she’s not suffering. She will need prolonged treatment for any chance of recovery.”

Above: 9th November: Mastitis after several courses of antibiotics and before homeopathic treatment.

13th November 4 days into homeopathic treatment: You can see that the wound had opened right up so the herdsman continued to keep it clean and persisted with the remedy